Zones for 'Checkout' button: when a customer clicks 'Checkout' button, the checkout is assigned to a Zone according to the customer browser's geographical location.

Preview Zones settings:

   1) In Intercart app, click on Checkout Zones button

   2) Then the page will show you a pre-configured zones so you can get started quickly. The default settings are split tests with default shopify checkout.


Create funnel split test in a zone

   1) Click Create zone located on the upper right hand corner specifically for the said country to show people coming from Australia the funnels.

   2) Enter the country name from the Zone name field. From our example, it's Australia. Click Add Country button and look for the Country, select Add to Zone. Once done, Select Add Funnel and choose the funnel

You may to the Funnels page to learn more about it or scroll down to the bottom to see the walk through video for Funnels.

   3) The funnel(s) section allow your configure funnel split testing. Two options are available:
         • Split evenly: Traffic split evenly to assigned funnels in the zone
         • Split by weight %: Customize traffic percentage to funnels

   4) Click Create
5) In this example, Australia is now showing on Checkout zones list

Watch the video below for a complete walk through about Checkout Zones:

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