Subscribe a plan and enjoy a 14-day free trial

Choose a subscription plan that fit your store to activate Intercart and enjoy a 14-day free trial period. There's no limitation on Intercart functions at the moment, e.g. unlimited traffic, unlimited no. of zones & funnels, unlimited split testing, etc.

After 14-day free trial period, total payment = monthly subscription fee + overage fee.

Sample overage fee calculations are shown as below:

Sample overage fee calculations:

Total payment pricing table:

If your business has multiple stores (10+) and overall monthly revenue $1M+, please contact us for Enterprise plan.

-Intercart Revenue: Gross amount processed by Intercart (Revenue by Intercart-AC, Online Store, others are excluded)
-Waived Revenue: Each plan has a waived revenue, e.g. For Starting plan, the first $50K is excluded
-Overage Revenue: Intercart revenue - Waived revenue
-Shopify Transaction Fee: It does not apply to orders processed by Intercart


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