You can use bulk actions on Shopify Products page to make all Online Store products available to PPFunnels-AC (Abandoned Checkouts).


 1. Tick the master checkbox next to a drop down arrow to automatically select all the products from your store.

     2. Click the arrow down for Actions and select Make products available.

   3. A pop up window will appear. Tick the box next to your PPFunnels-AC. Click Make products available.

Select all list items (50+)

There is a master checkbox at the top of most item lists. You can click the master checkbox to select every list item on a page. You can select more than 50 items for a bulk action.

     1. Click the master checkbox.
     2. Click Select all 50+ items from your store:

Note: Performing bulk actions on 50+ items can take a few minutes. If you have selected all list items for a bulk action, then wait for the bulk action to complete before making other changes.

Note: Make sure that the PPFunnels-AC from all your products are checked to avoid not getting the data sent back to Shopify and to make an abandoned checkout follow up for you.

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