What is PPFunnels?

THE GAME CHANGING CHECKOUT FUNNELS APP that is going to make you tons of money. 

PPFunnels is going to increase your Conversion Rate (CR), Average Order Value (AOV), It will split test your funnels, upsells, and do many more, all without PayPal reference transaction. The best thing is we support over 100 other popular merchant gateways so you are not limited to only Stripe and PayPal.

Watch introduction video:

Funnel Customization with A/B Test
     • Checkout layout customization
     • Different checkout flows. one-page, three-pages
     • Zone-based funnel A/B test

One-click Post-purchase Upsells with A/B Test
     • Earn extra profit
     • Support A/B test

Data visualization of your checkout process
     • Optimize funnels for different regions products & offers

PayPal Express Checkout
     • Optimized funnel for PayPal express checkout
     • One-click post-purchase upsell without PayPal reference transaction

Seamless Integration with Shopify
     • User-friendly application inside Shopify admin
     • Synchronized shop settings with Shopify
     • Compatible with Shopify abandoned cart

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