General FAQs:

Q1. What happen if a customer leaves at post-upsell page, will he/she receive the order notification?
Yes, the original purchase will be completed with a delay ~10 mins.

Q2. Is there any Shopify transaction fee for orders processed by Intercart?
Shopify transaction fee is not applied to orders processed by Intercart, as Intercart does not connect Shopify's payment gateways.

-Orders under "Intercart-AC" are still processed by Shopify, thus Shopify transaction fee is applied to "Intercart-AC" orders.
-More info about "Intercart-AC": How Intercart synchorizes abandoned checkouts to Shopify

Q3. There's "Manual" payment type after using Intercart, is it good?
Orders processed by Intercart without using Shopify's payment gateways, those orders/revenue are displayed as "Manual" in Shopify's Finance Reports.

-Orders under "Intercart-AC" are still processed by Shopify, which is non-Manual type.

Q4. I find there's lots of Draft orders after using Intercart, is it normal?

It's normal to see many Shopify draft orders as Intercart utilizes Shopify's Draft order for checkout data calculations & display to customers, you may treat a Draft order as a unique checkout.

When a payment is completed, the corresponding draft order will be converted to normal shopify order.

Thus, you don't need to do anything with the draft orders.

Q5. Which discount code type are supported in Intercart?
Currently "Fixed amount" / "Percentage" discount type without conditions are supported, "Free shipping" or other discount types are not compatible at the moment.

Please refer to the article: How to create a Shopify discount code that is compatible with Intercart

Q6. How Intercart funnel and Shopify Checkout works together to make sure no checkouts are missed?
Intercart works parallel with default Shopify Checkout for different scenario and to make sure all checkouts are processed by either Intercart or Shopify. Thus, default Shopify checkout should make it work as usual.

Checkouts processed by Intercart:
-Cart page "Checkout" button
-Cart page "PayPal" button
-Mini-cart/cart drawer "Checkout" button
-Mini-cart/cart drawer "PayPal" button
-Product page Dynamic checkout "Buy it now" button
-Product page Dynamic checkout "PayPal" button

Checkout processed by Shopify checkout:
-Abandoned checkouts
-Email marketing containing direct checkout URLs
-Product page Dynamic checkout "Apple Pay/Amazon Pay/..." buttons
-Unsupported theme mini-cart/cart drawer "Checkout" button
-Unsupported "Checkout" button generated by 3rd party apps

Any exceptional case will be handled by Shopify checkout:
-such as customer's device network slow and will fall back to Shopify checkout

To conclude, a checkout will always be processed by either Intercart or Shopify, no checkout will be missed in any circumstance.

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