Intercart Checkout (1 Page Checkout) - Upon clicking the checkout button on the shopping cart page, it will direct shoppers to Intercart's one page checkout. After a successful payment, your customer is taken to a post-upsell funnel of your choosing. They can add additional products to their original order with just one click.

Intercart Checkout flows:

1. Customer Checkout

     - The customer will click on "Checkout" button on cart page.

2. One Page Checkout Form

     - Customers are redirected to Intercart Checkout and fill in the fields in the one page checkout form:

  1. Contact information
  2. Shipping address
  3. Shipping method
  4. Payment method

     - Customers will click on "Complete Purchase"  button to proceed purchase.

3. Post-upsell Page

     - After customers click "Complete Purchase", customers are redirected to post-upsell pages. In a post-upsell page, there are 3 options on it:

     - ADD TO MY ORDER NOW: accept the current offer
     - Continue without this: reject the current offer
     - View My Order: skip all offers and view order status


  • If there's no more offers, customers are redirected to Thank you page.
  • If customers drop off & close the browser, the original purchase will be completed in 15 minutes.

4. Thank You Page

     - Finally, customers will be redirected to Thank You page showing the order status, product name, quantity, total prices, etc.

You may also check the flow chart below for different paths to complete an order.

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