PayPal Cart Checkout - Adding a PayPal express checkout button on the shopping cart page will help boost your sales conversion and reduce shopping cart abandonment. After a successful payment, your customer is taken to an upsell funnel of your choosing. They can add additional products to their original order with just one click.

PayPal Cart Checkout Flows:

     1. Customer Checkout

          - Customers click on "Checkout" button on cart page

     2. PayPal Login page (Popup)

          1. PayPal Login page
             -Login with PayPal and pay with PayPal balance/Credit Card to purchase.

          2. Option: Pay with Debit or Credit Card
              -When customers click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card", customers are redirected to PayPal Guest Checkout and pay without a PayPal account.

     3. Shipping Confirmation Page

           - Customers can verify their shipping details from this page and click the "Complete Purchase" button to proceed.

3. Post-upsell Page

     - After customers click "Complete Purchase", customers are redirected to post-upsell pages. In a post-upsell page, there are 3 options in it:

     - ADD TO MY ORDER NOW: accept the current offer
     - Continue without this: reject the current offer
     - View My Order: skip all offers and view order status


  • If there are no more offers, customers are redirected to Thank you page
  • If customers drop off & close the browser, the original purchase will be completed in 15 minutes

4. Thank You Page

     - Finally, customers are redirected to the Thank You page showing the order status, product name, quantity, total prices, etc.

You may also check the flow chart below for a detailed list of steps:

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