App compatibilities FAQs:

Q1. Is Bold Quantity Break / Discounted Pricing by Booster Apps / Smart Quantity / ... upsell app compatible?
Incompatible. Please disable & remove related script on theme (if any).

Q2. Is Ultimate Special Offers compatible?
Partially compatible: "Checkout" button compatible,  "PayPal" button on cart or product page are incompatible.

Q3. Is One Click Upsell / Carthook / Checkout X / ... checkout app compatible?
Incompatible, please disable the app & remove related script on theme (if any).

Q4. Is Trackify / Pixel Perfect / .. pixel tracking apps compatible?
Compatible with Trackify, please refer to Extension Code.

Others are incompatible at the moment, disable the app and remove its script on theme and set the same Facebook Pixel to both Shopify and PPFunnels.

Q5. Is Better Shipping / Advanced Shipping Rules / ... third-party shipping rate app compatible?
Compatible, please enable at app > More > Settings > Shipping rate: Dynamic

Q6. Is AMP compatible?
Newly install compatible. If AMP installed before PPFunnels, change AMP app proxy URL to /a/amp and change PPFunnels app proxy URL to /a/s.

Q7. What apps else are incompatible?
Any apps trying to interfere/create another Checkout/Buy it now/PayPal buttons are likely incompatible, includes Bundlers - Product bundles, Sticky add to cart, etc.

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