Common error messages and solutions:

1. Admin Error: Not Found

               Cause: This error message could be due to cookie clearing.
               Troubleshooting Step: Please refresh your browser

2. Admin Error: Failed to Update PayPal

                Cause: Invalid credential used.
                Troubleshooting Step: Please make sure that you're using the Live credential and not Sandbox. Copy the correct client id and secret. They are very similar. most users have this problem.

3. Checkout: 404 Not Found

                 Cause: Normally displays on your checkout page after Intercart installation.
                 Troubleshooting Steps: Set you app proxy url as "/a/s" as Intercart will require this setting. You may go to for your guide and to walk you through with the process.

4. Checkout: Shipping Method don't show up

                    Cause: All stores are shipping profile now
                    Troubleshooting Steps: Default enable as shipping profile require “enable”. Please enable Shopify shipping rate at Intecart > More > Settings > Shipping Rate: Enable. Should fill the address to show shipping rates. If there's no address info, shipping method won't show as it is fetched from Shopify.

5. Checkout: I've updated a funnel but still showing me the previous settings

                      Cause: Your browser could cache old settings.
                      Troubleshooting Steps: Please go to preview funnel to see if Intercart is working: Intercart > Funnels > Intercart Checkout > ... > Preview Funnel

6. Checkout: Intercart Funnels' not working after theme update

                      Cause: A script is installed to theme by Intercart, the script could be removed accidentally.
                      Troubleshooting Steps: Re-enable Intercart to trigger theme script installation. You may refer to for the step-by-step procedure.

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